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Here you will hopefully get answers to the questions you have before you go swimming.

Should you, contrary to expectations, not find an answer, you are always welcome to write an email to us!

We look forward to welcoming children and adults to AGF Swimming!

Right of withdrawal and trial training

As a member of AGF Swimming, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time your registration is registered. This means that you can try two lessons within the withdrawal period. Therefore, we do not offer trial sessions, as you have the option of a 14-day trial and we only want registered participants for the lessons.

Change of class

At the end of the spring and fall season, the instructors will distribute team recommendations for the next season to the club's children and youth members. If you wish to change teams during the season, please contact us at [email protected].

As our classes are often full, we cannot guarantee that we can find a vacant spot in another class during the desired time period.



In AGF Swimming we do everything possible to avoid canceling lessons, but sometimes it happens that we have to cancel due to sudden illness, events or technical problems in the halls. Should it be necessary to cancel classes, we will send a text message and an email to the affected classes. Therefore, please ensure that your information is correct in the registered profile on Conventus.

Holidays, closing days, start and end days

AGF Svømning follows the plan for holidays and days off in Aarhus Municipality. We therefore have no classes in:

  • Autumn vacation
  • Christmas vacation
  • Winter vacation
  • Easter vacation
  • Public holidays

All public holidays can be found under the calendar and are marked in pink.

How to find the pools?

AGF Swimming offers swimming classes in three different pools in Aarhus:

- Aarhus Svømmestadion

- Gellerupbadet (Brabrand)

- Søndervangskolen (Viby J)

You can find the addresses of the swimming pools by clicking here.

When you receive your registration confirmation, the address on the confirmation will be Terp Skovvej. This is the address of our administrative office, and it is not the address of the swimming pool you are registered in.

Access to the swimming pools

Members have access to changing rooms 15 minutes before the start of classes. This applies to Aarhus Svømmestadion, Gellerupbadet, and Søndervangskolen. In this way, we avoid too many people in the changing rooms at the same time.

Meeting point in the swimming pools

Before the start of the lesson, swimmers meet at the edge of the pool for check-in and review of the day's program.

The swimmers meet at the following locations:

  • Aarhus Svømmestadion: All teams meet at the stands, opposite the entrance.
  • Gellerupbadet: Splash and play, Red sharks and Blue sharks meet at the small pools. Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, White sharks, Whale sharks, Tweens and exercise teams meet at the large pool.
  • Søndervangskolen: All teams meet at the swimming pool next to the changing rooms. The exercise teams utilize the middle lane.

Registration of attendance

At AGF Svømning, we will try digital check-in of the attending members to ensure that only registered members are in the class. Therefore, you will see our instructors with a smartphone or tablet at the beginning of the class. Registration is also essential as the municipality requires attendance statistics when paying activity support to the club.

Changing and showering 

Before using the pools, it is important that you are clean. This means that you must:

  • Wash without swimwear before entering the pool.
  • Wash your hair and body thoroughly with soap.
  • Wash thoroughly again with soap after using the toilet.

Especially for babies and young children

It is important that children who are not yet clean wear a swimming diaper AND the correct swimming suit.

Rules in at swimming pools

When you are in the swimming pool, there are some rules which must be followed. This is to avoid accidents in the pools or on the slippery pool deck:

  • No running in the swimming pool
  • Do not enter the water until the instructor gives you permission
  • Do not stay at the edge of the pool until the instructor gives permission
  • You must leave the pool when the instructor calls you, as the next class starts shortly hereafter 
  • You are not allowed to use a cell phone or camera in the swimming pool or changing rooms


At AGF Swimming, we have an activity-based approach to teaching our children and youth teams. This means that all basic skills - breathing, balance and movement - are mainly taught through games and activities, and to a lesser extent through lane swimming and learning styles. 

Under each swimming class type (i.e. rødhajer, blåhajer etc.), the objectives for the team during the season are listed on our website, as well as the competences swimmers need to have in order to benefit from the lessons. Achieving these goals will, over time, create a foundation for moving safely in the water and gaining an understanding and sense of how the body is affected in water.


In AGF Swimming, the goal is to swim without buoyancy aids or assistive devices. However, it can be an advantage for some children to have help.

For this reason, we make belts, plates and aqua worms available to members. We do not use swim wings, as they hinder the learning of several swimming movements.

Coaches in the water

In our children's classes, there is always an instructor or assistant instructor in the water. This creates a sense of security for the swimmers and in some cases allows the instructor to better give the children feedback during an activity or exercise.

Safety and security

Every year, all instructors over the age of 16 undergo a pool test where they practice lifesaving and first aid. This means that every class has at least one instructor with a valid pool security test. The test is only valid from the age of 16, so several assistant instructors do not have the test as they are under 16.

Child certificates

Every year, police clearance is obtained for all instructors who work with children and young people under the age of 15. This is called a 'child certificate'. 

Parents on the pool deck

At AGF Svømning, we want a good collaboration with parents around their children's swimming. We believe that good parental involvement in the children's sports participation creates a higher well-being and better retention of the swimmers. 

However, we also see that swimmers often find it difficult to concentrate on receiving instructions from the instructor when their parents are in the swimming pool. 

We would therefore like parents to attend the first two lessons of a new season, as well as participate in parent days on the last lesson before the fall break, Christmas break and Easter break.

Special needs

Some children and young people have special needs, e.g. diagnoses or illnesses that require extra supervision. If this is the case, please contact the instructor and explain why you want to be present in the swimming pool during lessons or contact our Head of Sports, Mads Hjorth, before the start of the season at [email protected].

In the case of children with epilepsy, it is a requirement that the child is supervised by a parent or similar during swimming lessons.

Parental swimming

In Gellerupbadet and at Søndervangskolen, AGF Svømning offers exercise swimming for our adult members, while at Aarhus Svømmestadion we offer classes and exercise classes for adults.

You can see which adult classes we offer by clicking here (in Danish).

Communication with the club

Communication with the club is by email to Head of Sports, Mads Hjorth, at [email protected]

If you have any questions about team recommendations, team changes, membership fees and the like, or praise or criticism of our teaching or instructors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Membership fee

Halfway through the season, the membership fee is reduced to make it attractive to sign up again, even if you have missed the first part of the season.

Contact Information

Swimming School Manager
Emil Bang Træholt